Sponsored By:   Washington Nationals
Herndon, VA
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 Reasons to play Babe Ruth

  1. Cost-comparatively small last spring and fall $195—use the same umpires as the other travel leagues.  Same County charge for use of fields yet we have access to the local ones for practice.  No charge for uniforms for system teams though our travel teams do purchase their own for a small fee and have a separate registration fee. We do not charge for coaches but pay to train them to teach youth baseball.  All for a small registration fee. 
  2. Play and practice locally yet be able to play games with teams from all over the County.
  3. Opportunity to play games outside of your system team.  By offering games with System teams and travel. A few players got many 38 games while most averaged 16 for the $195 registration fee in the spring
  4. Play up to your ability.  Opportunity to play at different levels against experienced players
  5. Play with and compete with friends while making new friends and just having fun.
  6. Opportunity to tryout and play All Stars. Our teams play in the Babe Ruth Tournament Trail.
  7. Competition on the system teams is strong while the travel and All Stars play at a higher level
  8. Ability to learn more than one or two positions that will increase your chance of making a higher level team
  9. Our alumni have and are playing the High School, College and Professionals levels. 
  10. Our stated goal is to keep our youth playing baseball by having fun while learning the game.