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Herndon, VA
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2021 13-Year-olds Baseball
July 08, 2021 - July 11, 2021
Northern Fairfax County Babe Ruth League
Herndon, Virginia

Congratulations to ARLINGTON of District 6 on winning the 13-Year-olds Babe Ruth Leagues of Virginia State Championship!

GOOD LUCK at Regionals!



We need volunteers for advance preparation, game day activities and various other needs.  We will also need loans of several large items.

To find out more information and sign up to volunteer, please CLICK HERE or cut and paste this link to your browser, https://www.signupgenius.com/go/805094CADAC2CAAF94-nfchosts1


Please feel free to share this signup with friends, neighbors, and relatives - we welcome all volunteers, including teens in need of service hours!


Thanks in Advance for Supporting NFC Babe Ruth


2021 13-Year-olds Baseball

July 08, 2021 - July 11, 2021

Northern Fairfax County Babe Ruth League Herndon, Virginia


Special Information:






League Facebook page:  NFC Babe Ruth Baseball


Arrival Requirements:


All managers, coaches, and players are to report at least 1 hour prior to their first game for check-in and pre-game   warm-ups.


Check-in will be conducted at the field, Stratton Woods Park, 2431 Fox Mill Road, Herndon, VA 20171. The team representative will be required to provide a completed Tournament Team Credentials Book. During check-in, the State-assigned Representative, along with the Host Tournament Director, or assistant, will check all credentials. At that time, teams will be able to arrange for future practice times.

Tournament Team Credentials Book:


All credentials must be in a loose-leaf binder notebook in the order of the T OURNAMENT TEAM BOOK CHECKLIST. The Checklist and Letter of Eligibility must be signed by the District Commissioner (or designee).


Note: This tournament is the second level of tournament participation. Your book should have been checked at least once before this tournament. Please be aware that NO TEAM OR PLAYER WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE STATE TOURNAMENT WITHOUT THE PROPER   CREDENTIALS.


Practice Fields:


Practice times and field locations with directions will be available at check-in.


Game Schedules:


Up-to-date tournament brackets will be distributed at check-in. However, you may visit the Virginia State website at http://vababeruth.com and download a copy at any time.


The Official Babe Ruth Tournament Bracket has been used to schedule games (and the order in which they are played). However, weather, or other conditions may necessitate a bracket being changed up to the start of the tournament and during the tournament. Managers should verify their games schedule while attending check-in.


Be sure to follow your team's schedule at all times. Managers, coaches, and players must attend all scheduled practice sessions, tournament games, and other official events unless excused by the   Tournament Director, assistant, or State-assigned Representative. Changes to the game schedule due to inclement weather will be made as soon as possible. Managers will be notified by tournament officials via the cell phone/pager numbers provided at check-in. Players, family members, and fans can determine what, if any, scheduling changes have been made by calling the TOURNAMENT HOTLINE.   Changes will be posted as soon as they are made, at the field site and on the website.


Game Results:


Game results will be posted on at the field after each game. The results will also be posted on the State website at the conclusion of the day's   events.




For all softball and Cal Ripken 60' programs, two Babe Ruth VBRUA/NUA-certified umpires will be scheduled to umpire each game including the Championship and IF games. For the Cal Ripken Major70 and all Babe Ruth 13–18-year-olds State tournaments, three Babe Ruth VBRUA/NUA-certified umpires will be scheduled to umpire each game including the Championship and IF games.


Managers, coaches, and players are to refrain from arguing or showing disrespect to the officials under any circumstances. If a manager or coach is asked to leave the game by an umpire or tournament official, they must leave the tournament complex immediately. Failure to do so can result in actions against the entire team, including removal from the tournament. A player ejected or removed for an infraction of the playing rules or field rules will remain in the dugout until the game is completed unless the umpire indicates otherwise.


Coin Toss and Infield Practice:


In pool play, the home team has already been determined. In double-elimination play, the home team will be decided by the flip of a coin by the Tournament Director or another designated tournament official at least 40 minutes prior to game time. The home team will take the third base dugout.


Each team will have a total of 10 minutes for infield and (or) outfield practice prior to the start of their game. The visiting team will begin practice 30 minutes prior to game time and the home team will practice 20 minutes prior to game time. Teams must be ready to take the field for infield practice when notified by tournament officials or will lose whatever time they do not use. Please ensure that your team allows teams that are finishing a game to completely vacate the field and dugouts before your team moves onto the field.


Pre-Game Announcements:


Players and umpires will be announced 10 minutes prior to each game. For each game, the visiting team will be announced first, its team members taking their places along the first base line as they are announced. The home team will be introduced next, its team members taking their places along the third base line as they are announced. The starting lineup will be announced first, followed by the names of those players who are designated as reserves for the game and the batboy or batgirl, coaches, and manager. The umpires then will be announced, followed by the playing of the National Anthem.


Official Pre-Game Meeting:


The Tournament Director or another tournament official will discuss ground rules with the managers and umpires at home plate prior to each game.


Lineup Sheets:


Official Babe Ruth lineup sheets (4-part) must be completed with player jersey number, first and last name, and position (if a starter) and be distributed to the official scorer, chief umpire, opposing team manager, and retain. Changes in the lineup are to be made to the plate umpire first and then to all other parties.


Playing Field and Dugouts:


Only managers, coaches, players, tournament officials, and tournament-approved batboys and batgirls are allowed in the dugout and in the fenced playing area. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will anyone else be allowed inside the playing field during games except when called for by the umpire when time is called (e.g., emergency medical personnel and grounds crew). This includes parents, team scorekeepers, and fans.


Water and cups will be provided in each dugout prior to the start of all games.


Field Rules:


  • In addition to the batting team's base coaches, the batter, on-deck batter, base runners, and the fielding team's players on the field, the only team members that will be permitted outside of the dugouts (in the designated area) are a warm-up pitcher, catcher, and safety monitor.
  • Throwing or unnecessary abuse of any equipment or baseball property will not be permitted.
  • Smoking (includes smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes) is not allowed on the premises; eating and drinking are not permitted on the playing field.
  • Players must remain within the fenced area of the playing field during all games and are not allowed to mingle in the stands or with the spectators as required by Rule 3.09.
  • The use of foul language within the playing field is not allowed and will be dealt with appropriately by the umpires assigned to the game



Uniforms must meet the requirements contained in Rule 1.11 (Baseball and Softball). In addition, no two players on the same team will wear the same number. For consistency, players, managers, and   coaches must be assigned the same uniform number throughout the tournament regardless of the number of uniforms that the team uses during travel. The regular Cal Ripken Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball, and Babe Ruth Softball (as appropriate) shoulder emblem must be securely attached in accordance with the current Babe Ruth rule books (Baseball and Softball). Leagues may choose to use the Cap Emblem Option. If teams choose to wear an Official District Champions Babe Ruth patch, it must be securely attached to the right sleeve of the uniform. All players, managers, and coaches are to be dressed in accordance with Babe Ruth requirements.


NO player, manager, or coach, or batboy/batgirl will be allowed on the playing field or in the dugouts unless in a complete acceptable uniform. At no time are blue jeans (or shorts for baseball) allowed. There are NO exceptions.


As a team representing your league and your District, your team is expected to maintain a neat appearance at all times, on and off the field. When not involved in a tournament game, team members may dress informally and comfortably. If official tournament passes are issued, players are to wear them or carry them with them at all times, identifying them as tournament participants.


Protest Committee:


All tournament games will be played in the presence of the Host Tournament Director and a Protest Committee. Any protest must be resolved prior to continuing play. Decisions by the Protest Committee are final without appeal. The Protest Committee will consist of at least three members appointed by the State Commissioner or his designated representative. Seats may be reserved for the members of the Protest Committee for each game.




The official scoring record for each game will be maintained by the official scorekeeper designated by tournament officials. This scorebook will serve as the official record of the tournament. Teams may designate their own scorekeeper, but in doing so must understand that their scorebook will not be taken into account if issues arise. Team-assigned scorekeepers may not be in the dugout or on the playing field for any reason. They are to refrain from interrupting the flow of a game for any reason.


Batboys and Batgirls:


Teams may provide ONE batboy or batgirl if they so desire. A team-designated batboy or batgirl must be identified on the team announcement form at check-in. All batboys and batgirls must be in uniform for each game and must wear a helmet with extended earflaps that cover both ears any time that they leave the dugout. Teams are to provide uniforms for their designated batboy or batgirl. Batboys and batgirls are to remain within the playing field and dugouts for the duration of all games and are not to enter and exit the field at will. Managers are responsible for the behavior and safety of their batboys and batgirls during games.


Team Post-Game Meetings:


Teams are to immediately depart the fields and dugouts upon the conclusion of games. This includes removing all equipment and trash. No team is to conduct a post-game meeting with their players within the fenced playing field.


Fan Behavior:


The team manager will be held responsible for the behavior of their fans. Fans are not to enter the playing field at any time for any reason and are to display a positive attitude to all teams, players, umpires, and officials. Managers are to immediately handle problem fans if the need arises. Managers are reminded that umpires have the authority to take action against a team due to the actions of their fans.




The use of noisemakers (cow bells, air horns, boom boxes, etc.) is prohibited during State tournament games. Team managers are to ensure that their fans comply with this rule. Team managers who do not get their fans to comply will be ejected from the game.


Player Expectations:


The purpose of these State tournament rules is to help all players perform at the peak of their abilities while enjoying the competition, camaraderie, and distinction that go along with playing in a State tournament. At the same time, each participant has an obligation to everyone involved to be on their best behavior at all times. If anyone has a problem that can't be resolved by the team manager or coaches, please contact tournament officials. They will try to help.


Conduct and Disciplinary Code:


Everyone's conduct must be above reproach, both on and off the field. Any misbehavior or misconduct not only could cause an individual's disqualification from the tournament but could also lead to the team being disqualified. Types of bad conduct that could lead to disqualification:


  • The use of profane or indecent language.
  • Fighting or other aggressive behavior toward teammates, coaches, members of other teams, umpires, tournament officials, or other tournament participants on or off the field.
  • Any illegal acts.


Alcoholic Beverages or Drugs:


Any illegal activities, including illegal use of alcoholic beverages or drugs of any nature, will be immediate cause for disqualification. This does not apply to the use of doctor-prescribed medication by the individual for whom it has been prescribed.


Be smart and avoid trouble. There is always a certain level of tension in competitive sports. We do not want participants to lose their competitive edge - - the desire to perform at their very best makes the game exciting for everyone. But participants must stay under control, even if another player or fan says something that is perceived as offensive. Keep cool, and do not respond to provocation in any way that could lead to your disqualification. Remember, baseball games are won with hits and runs, not with words.


The State Commissioner, State-assigned Representative, Umpire-in-Chief, and Tournament Director have the authority to remove any player, manager, or coach from a tournament game for actions detrimental to the State or Babe Ruth League. Any misbehavior or misconduct on or off the field could disqualify a player, manager, coach, or team from the   tournament.


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