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Herndon, VA
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FX County Leagues-

As we discussed at our FX County Baseball Council meeting a few weeks ago, we need to band together and build up our coaches and our education so that we can educate and train the people who are developing our players and the game of baseball.  All of this is provided for FREE.  We are bringing staff and presenters from the ABCA- www.ABCA.org and have 15+ presenters from the PRO Advisory Committee comprised of local HS Coaches, former Pro Players and College Coaches.  It will be an amazing event and we will have topics that cover coaches for all age groups (5u  - 80u) Adults also.  Getting a group of 500+ coaches at the same event creates a collaborative environment where coaches want to keep up with the latest and greatest info.
Here is the information on the Coaching Clinic.  It is FREE to any and all coaches, parents and players from any league.  We do ask that everyone pre-registers.  If you have any questions before sending out to your league and coaches, please let me know via e-mail.
Sunday, March 3rd 
1:30 - 5:45 pm
ETCC-  Sterling, VA

In order to be a coach you must take this online class. It is free to you and can be found on the following Web site:
Create an account
Look for the Purebaseball tab upper right side of the page
Choose the Certificatations tab
Choose the Coaches Certification
Get started tab at the bottom left of this page
on page 2 Safe Sport : Abuse Awarness for Adults.
There are 3 other classes about 20 Min each if you have the time
Madatory Reporting
Sexual Misconduct
Emotional and Physical Misconduct